Yes, it possible.

To make stockings for your unique doll, you need to write us some measurements (if it possible, please use a metric system).
Necessary measurements you can see on the picture:

Yes, of course.

For this, please contact us thru contact form on our website: CONTACT US

Using, ordering and payment

For placing your order you need follow the next steps: 

1. Go to "BJD CLOTHING" section and add to cart listings you want to purchase. 
2. When you added to cart last listings, select "GO TO CHECKOUT" or go to "MY ACCOUNT/MY CART"* or "LOG IN/MY CART"** section in main menu. 
3. Verify a list of selected listings and, if all right, press "CHECKOUT" button. 
4. Fill nessessary fields and finish a checkout. 
5. Check your email to letters from support@caramel.one. If you don't see any letters from us, check the SPAM folder of your email.. 
6. Follow the link in letter or click "MY ACCOUNT/MY ORDERS"* in main menu for payment.
* - for unregistered users 
** - for registered users
For register, you have two ways:
1. You will have been automatically registered after first checkout. Additional information about your account will be placed in welcome email from support@caramel.one
2. If you want to be registered before ordering, you can go to  "LOG IN" section of main menu and press "Create new account" link

After checkout your order can have one of next statuses:
1. PENDING. This status is automatically assigned to a newly placed order. It means that you placed an order and give us all necessary information. Please wait for letter from support@caramel.one with bill or payment instructions.
2. PROCESSING. This status assigned after payment approving and your order is preparing for shipping. Please wait for a shipping notification.
3. COMPLETED. This one means that your order has been shipped.
4. CANCELLED. This status assigned if your order has beed cancelled by your request or we didn't received your payment during 10 days after payment request. If you want to renew an order with this status, pleae write us to support@caramel.one

After checkout we send to your email a bill or payment instructions from support@caramel.one.
Our PayPal.me page is https://paypal.me/caramelbjd. Please do not pay to any other PayPal if you don't shure that you pay to right account.


After shipping, every parcel have an unique tracking number. 

All information about your parcel you can see on official website of Russian Post 
Also, you can to track your parcel on website of your national post service.

Almost all listings will make specially for you, which is why we need some time for prepare your order.
Usually, processing time is about 3 weeks.
If from the ordering date was less than three weeks, just a little wait, we ship almost all orders in time.
If was more than tree weeks, please write us.

Check how many time has passed since the last update.

If less than 2 weeks have passed
Please wait. Sometimes it takes up to 2 weeks to transferring between countries or customs clearance.

If more than 2 weeks have passed
It need to apply for a searching of parcel.
For it please contact us for the details

Please keep in mind that to speed up the search is best to contact the postal service of the country in which the parcel is currently located. This means that if the parcel is still on the territory of Russia, we undertake to communicate with the postal service of our country. If the parcel has left the country of departure, you'd be better to contact the national postal service to speed up the search. To do this, you will need a copy of the mail receipt, which we are ready to provide you on first request.